8 Shocking Facts About Anime You really should Know

If you are a fan of anime, you will find this article quite interesting. In this posting, we will share with you several common but shocking facts about these Japanese TV series. Read on for more information.

1. Popularity of anime in Japan

According to a written report released by Japan External Trade Organization in 2004, anime TV series include 60% of the animation-based entertainment of the planet. In Japan, around 40% of Japanese schools give anime so important they have introduced a subject predicated on it Best Apocalypse Manga

Aside from this, anime voice acting is high in demand, which is why you have significantly more than 130 such schools in Japan. Besides, Japan uses most of its paper to print Manga instead of make toilet paper.

2. The Highest-Grossing Anime

In accordance with statistics, this film earned revenue of over $355 internationally. This movie is founded on a distinctive and fictional storyline, which explains why it stands out from the crowd. Another amazing thing is that a lot of of the places you can view in this movie are real.

3. Anime vs Cartoon

Unlike what a lot of people believe, there is a difference between cartoons and anime. One difference is that anime offers in-depth character development and complicated stories.

4. The Longest-running Anime

Here is the longest-running anime and has more than 75000 episodes. However, the length of one episode is merely 6 minutes. Following this, Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi telecast a lot more than 1400 episodes, and the length of each episode is 25 minutes.

5. 22 Different Voice Actresses

Eucliwood Hellscyth may be the center of attention in Is This a Zombie? In 22 episodes, there are more than 22 voice actors. Another amazing thing is that this character is almost always mute in the series. All of her dialogues will be the result of the imagination of the protagonist. Therefore, the type has different voices in each episode.

6. An Interesting Tradition

In Japan, people follow one common tradition. Once someone has finished watching a common Manga volume, what they do is put it somewhere for another viewer to pick up and watch.

7. Recording In SPACE

For one of the episodes of Space Brothers, Akihiko Hoshide appeared as a guest on the show and had his part recorded aboard the ISS.

8. Academy Award

The Academy Award more often than not went to Disney and Pixar movies for Best Animated Feature. In 2003, on the other hand, Spirited Away received Best Animated Feature during the 75th Academy Awards.

However the movie director, Hayao Miyazaki, didn’t show up at t


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